What To Do In Case of Dental Injury

During the summer our Keiki tend to participate in more activities that might put their teeth in danger of injuries. Knowing what to do and acting promptly can increase the possibility of saving your child’s tooth, reduce discomfort and lessen the chance of infection.

After a dental injury call your child’s dentist within 30 minutes to be sure that he/she receives prompt and adequate treatment.

Be prepared to handle the most common dental injuries:

Knocked out permanent tooth
• Find the tooth if possible
• The less time the tooth is out of place the better, so act fast!
• Hold the tooth only by its crown (chewing area)
• If dirty, wash briefly under cold running water without scrubbing
• If possible, reinsert the tooth back in place and secure it by biting on a clean cloth or gauze
• If unable to replant, store the tooth in cold milk or the child’s saliva but NEVER IN WATER. There are Emergency tooth preservation kits available where teeth can be kept while they are reimplanted

Knocked out baby tooth
• Contact the pediatric dentist as soon as possible for assessment of the injury and to determine if additional treatment is needed

Chipped tooth
• If possible find any tooth fragments, keep them in water and take them to the dental office, the dentist might be able to bond them back in place
• Contact the pediatric dentist immediately

Bleeding and Swelling
• To control bleeding, rinse the child’s mouth with water and apply pressure with a wet gauze or cloth until the bleeding stops
• Applying cold compress to the area can help relieve pain or swelling

Think Prevention!
Make sure kids wear mouthguards and protective gear for contact sports and helmets while biking, skateboarding, and inline skating. Childproof your house to prevent falls.

“Knowing what to do and acting promptly can increase the possibility of saving your child’s tooth”