Message From Paul Zina

Aloha Kaua’i Ohana!

It remains my great pleasure to continue servicing you and our students during these most challenging times. Believe it or not, even through unpredictable circumstances of the pandemic, I still truly love my job. It is sometimes the most difficult times that bring out the best in us. I value this opportunity.  It is easy to see how the current times have left us divided on many issues.  How to stay safe and healthy?  What is the best way to educate our children (in person or distance learning)?  As with most divided issues, the answers are not clear cut one way or the other. I continue to ask everyone to show care and compassion to each other and support your school, especially with the holidays coming up.

As the DOE continues to phase in more in person learning for schools, we recognize the need for families to feel safe bringing their children to school.  Distance learning remains an option for all families.  And the most current school safety procedures can be found at the Hawai’i DOE homepage at and click on COVID-19 Update. Two other simple ways for you to stay connected to our Kaua’i DOE is to download the Remind App to your mobile device and use the join code @kauaips to receive Kaua’i Complex Area office important notices.  You can also do your part to keep our schools safe and healthy by completing your daily wellness check when your child starts reporting to school by going to and signing up for our new daily wellness check app.  You will need your email address, and your child’s school email address, grade and school name. You and your child can then do a daily wellness check every day to help you know when you should keep your child home or send them to school.

Stay safe, healthy and strong as we continue to support or students together!

Paul Zina,
Kaua’i Complex Area Superintendent