Grove Farm 150th Anniversary Book

grove-farm-150th-anniversaryGrove Farm is proud to celebrate 150 years of serving Kaua‘i’s community. In honor of its illustrious milestone, Grove Farm commissioned an anniversary book to celebrate its role in Hawaiian sugar history. “Grove Farm, Kaua‘i – 150 Years of Stewardship and Innovation” will soon be available for sale at online book retailers such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble. <MORE>

Allergy Causes in Children: What Parents Can Do

allergy-causes-in-children-what-parents-can-doAllergies in children are very common and cause numerous lost days from school and lost days from work for parents. Allergies are on the rise. It is estimated that between 30 and 40% of children suffer from nasal allergies, and approximately 8% of children suffer from at least one food allergy. Additionally, approximately 10% of people have a drug allergy. Here on the Garden Island, allergies are active year round with all of our beautiful plants, trees, and flowers blooming all year around. It has also been noted that vog tends to worsen allergy symptoms. <MORE>

Are baby teeth for keeps?

are-baby-teeth-for-keepsAccording to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention dental cavities are the most common chronic disease of childhood – four times more common than asthma! By preschool almost 25% of children have cavities and by kindergarten over 40% of children have cavities. A common misconception about baby teeth is, “They’re just baby teeth, and they’re going to fall out anyway.” So, what’s the big deal? Why is it so important to take care of these teeth that our children lose later? <MORE>

How to Manage Temper Tantrums

how-to-manage-temper-tantrumsPerhaps nothing best exemplifies the “terrible two’s” than temper tantrums. A tantrum is a young child’s expression of frustration. Often it is because they don’t get what they want, but not always. It can also arise from struggling with a difficult task, feeling hungry or tired, or communication problems. Consider that most two year olds can understand much more than they can express in words. Although tantrums are a part of development, there are tips to help prevent them: <MORE>

College Preparation Should Begin Early

College Preparation Should Begin EarlyWith thousands of colleges to choose from, coming up with a list of schools that match your child’s interests, strengths, and personality takes time. The best college is one that matches your teen’s academic, social, and financial needs. Waiting until your child is a senior in high school before starting to make plans for college can be a costly mistake. Here are a few suggestions to help make college more affordable: <MORE>

Proven Effects of Parental Involvement in Schools

proven-effects-of-parental-involvement-in-schoolsI have long believed that the success of a child’s education is due to the fine synchronization of the workings of the parent, teacher and student, like the “wheels working together in sync on a tricycle.” If one wheel is not working the other two wheels will have a hard time moving forward. Research also indicates that regardless of what the family’s socioeconomic status is, if parents are in involved in their child’s education the child is more likely to do well in academics, testing and be able to take accelerated classes. <MORE>

Coordinating Care Transitions

coordinating-care-transitionsPost-acute care transitions remain a confusing time for patients and their families and those involved often feel overwhelmed. Post-acute care (PAC) is a significant part of the overall care of many Medicare patients and up to 35% of Medicare patients are discharged each year to a PAC setting such as Garden Isle Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center (GIRHC), Ohana Pacific Management Company’s inpatient rehabilitation and skilled nursing facility in Lihue. <MORE>

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