This Summer, Take a Virtual Vacation

grove-farm-150th-anniversaryMost parents would like to show their kids the wonders of the world. Most don’t because travel is expensive and vacation schedules are short. Happily, you can take these and other dream trips simply by visiting the right websites. <MORE>

Kauai Summer Fun Guide

Meet Dr. Scott Sims, Aloha Vet

Meet Dr. Scott Sims, Aloha VetIsland Hop with Hawaii’s Best Known Veterinarian, Dr. Scott Sims, As He Treats Animals On The Go. Not your typical veterinarian, Dr. Scott Sims treats both wild and domestic animals, and when islanders need help with their pets and livestock, he’s the one they call. Some clients live in hard to reach locations, but if an animal needs help, Dr. Sims always finds a way to get there even if he has to walk, ride a horse, drive an ATV, fly a plane, or swim. It’s a wild job that’s an adventure every day. The new series Aloha Vet premiered in March on Nat Geo WILD. <MORE>

The Help You Need When and Where You Need It

The Help You Need When and Where You Need ItHome is a place where you should feel loved, respected, valued, satisfied and free to express yourself. <MORE>

Wisdom Tooth: Who, What, When, Where and Why

Wisdom Tooth: Who, What, When, Where and WhyAlmost everyone has Wisdom teeth, or third molars. Most adults have four wisdom teeth (a third molar in each quadrant of the mouth), but it is possible to have fewer or more, it is all a matter of genetics. The Tasmanian Aborigines have practically zero wisdom teeth while the Indigenous Mexicans have nearly 100% wisdom teeth by population. <MORE>

Summer Pet Safety

College Preparation Should Begin Early With summer coming on, more people are participating in outdoor activities. A lot of us like to take our pets with us. While our beloved pets are housed safe and sound at home it’s a big dangerous world out there and our pets may or may not be adequately prepared. <MORE>

Pacifiers: Are They Good For Your Baby?

Pacifiers: Are They Good For Your Baby?Whether you call it a binki, paci, or soother, the use of a pacifier has been used for ages to calm crying infants. It satisfies an infant’s suck reflex and encourages self-soothing. There are studies that show a pacifier can help to protect against SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), and the saliva produced during sucking can be good for oral hygiene. However, breastfeeding moms should hold off using a pacifier initially so that there isn’t any nipple confusion. In general, this means waiting a week or two until breastfeeding is well established. <MORE>

Keeping Our Keiki Safe

Keeping Our Keiki SafeInjury is the leading cause of death in Hawaii from the first year of life through age 39. Aside from the deaths that are caused by injuries, many more nonfatal injuries occur, accounting for thousands of emergency room visits per year and resulting in a wide range of outcomes from temporary pain to permanent disability. Although not a light-hearted topic, it’s one that is extremely important to discuss because we ALL need to do a better job of keeping our keiki safe. <MORE>

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