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Engaging The Daydreamer

11/06/2018 0

When my son’s second grade teacher told me that he often appeared to “check out” during the school day, I was concerned. But I wasn’t entirely surprised that my imaginative child would drift off to […read more]

Holiday 2018

Tips to a Healthier Travel Season

11/06/2018 0

‘Tis the season for holiday travel, and with it the potential to get sick.  “Travel can be stressful, and even restful vacations can disrupt our usual sleeping and eating routine,” says Dr. Heidi Hillesland, an internal […read more]

Holiday 2018

Kauai Ocean Safety

11/04/2018 0

This will be an unusual North Shore winter on Kauai because, at least as things stand now, there will be many many fewer people at our beaches north of Hanalei. Some of these beaches are […read more]


Kauai Kids Gifts

11/01/2018 0

There is nothing more heartwarming than a gift made by a child. Handmade gifts are affordable, fun to make, and can be given to parents, grandparents, teachers, and siblings. Here are some gifts that are […read more]

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