10 Great Ideas Revealing Baby’s Gender

Now that you’ve got the color combination decided and chosen the theme to use, the next decision is how to communicate the big news to everyone.

Food Reveal:
The most common way to announce the “winner” is a cake cutting or cupcake biting, followed down the list by cookie breaking.

Balloon Release:
Coming in at a close second is the balloon release. Whether the balloons float up, or fall down, it’s a moment of suspense for everyone.

Smoke Fountains:
These are a fun way to show off the news as long as you are outside! Place them around the grounds, light them all at once and enjoy the show!
Smoke fountains are a great way to announce the gender of your baby. They also make for some really cool photos! 

A Scratch Ticket:
Every ticket a winner! A fun way to get everyone involved and have them all scratch at the same time. DIY a scratch ticket or purchase them for your theme. Giraffe scratch cards from Burlap and Babies. 

Chalk Bombs:
These are a fun spectator sport! You can create chalk bombs as baseballs that are hit, or balls that are dropped.

Pop a Balloon:
Since Mom is about to pop, it’s fitting to use a balloon. You can pop a balloon filled with carefully colored confetti, or pop a balloon filled with paint using darts or even a bow and arrow!

A Silly String Fight:
If your party is out of doors then I say go for it! Most everyone has fun with silly string and I can envision this becoming an epic battle!

Confetti Poppers:
These poppers are a great party favor. Mom and Dad can pop them alone or give everyone a chance to play.

A party classic, the piñata is as versatile as the balloon! Using a pull string it can reveal colored confetti, candy, or mini balloons.

Harry Potter:
Who can doubt the Sorting Hat with pink baby shoes underneath? The Sorting Hat is always right! This is a clever and unique way to announce what you’re having for Harry Potter fans.