Above and Beyond

When I met Scott Sims for the first time I found it odd that he was working barefoot in a surgery suite in some buss’ up shorts and a holey t-shirt. Little did I know that behind his rough appearance there was a man of valor, generosity, and intelligence. He was far from the stereotypical veterinarian that you come across, but when it came to his work, the animal always came first. He would use his skills as a surgeon, diagnostician, welder, mechanic, and overall handyman to help relieve the suffering and improve the lives of his patients and clients.

There were many occasions in which he would see something he needed, and build it. One time a horse came in with an injured leg, there was no splint that could aid the healing process exactly the way Scott wanted, so that it could have the best healing process, so what did he do…he built one himself. That’s just one of the many times he went above and beyond for a patient to achieve the best outcome.

One of his clients had him coming out to trim their goats hooves, vaccinate, and deworm. Those days were always adventure. It usually started with Scott, and who ever he had with him, chasing goats into a pen. Then we had to catch them individually, do what we had to do, then let them free out the gate from which they entered. Well one of the goats decided he didn’t want to be done. Scott in the doorway turns around to look out to see where the goat went and BAM the goat comes flying back into Scotts head knocking both of them over. It may have broken his glasses a little that day. But just like Scott would do, he got back up and finished the rest of the goats.

“He’ll be remembered for his humor, friendliness, humility, intelligence…and his ever-present bare feet!”

Something interesting about Scott was his love for flying. I guess that’s also why he loved his African Grey parrots. He would go around the islands helping animals, especially in places where either there were no large animals veterinarians or where his services were needed. We flew to Moloka’i, Lana’i, Oahu, and I’m sure he’s been elsewhere.

It was so great to see someone who was willing to fulfill a need in an area without.Another thing he taught me was the importance of people, good people that you can rely on. I had the honor of meeting a few of Scotts close friends and his dad. They were there for him when he needed, and he was there for them. I really appreciate their influence as well in my life. His life was about all animals, even the two legged kind. He cared about people, and wanted to leave this place better than he found it.