Fall Art Contest

Get Ready, Get Set, SKETCH!


Step 1. Forming:
Form up the lighthouse pressing softly with
your pencil making the base like a rectangle
that is slightly larger at the bottom than the
top. Then put a square where the light casing
is, and a triangle for the cap. Put a ball on top
of the triangle with a point on it and the oval
inside the square for the light. Then make a
rectangle doorway with a triangle top and ad
the windows and railings.

Step 2. Outlining:
Now make anything you want around the lighthouse
like birds, clouds, ocean, whales, get
creative! When you have things the way you
want them, press harder or use a pen to outline
your drawing.
Step 3. Shading & Coloring:
Figure out what direction the sun is shining on
the lighthouse and shade it on the other side.
Advanced artists can use reflective light on the
shaded side.