From the Bookshelf Spring 2019

Our Picks
Some of our favorite books for your family.

Miss Fox’s Class Shapes Up

by Eileen Spinelli

Miss Fox’s class is lethargic and cranky. So, she challenges her class to eat healthy, stop playing video games and exercise. The ending will delight and surprise readers.
I Want to Be a Doctor


by Laura Driscoll

When Jack hurts his foot, he learns about different doctors who heal broken bones, fix teeth and work in laboratories.
Discover Cutting-Edge Medicine

by Meg Marquardt

This book explores the fascinating world of medicine,
from surgery robots and stem cells to gene therapy
and organ transplants.
You Wouldn’t Want to Live Without Sleep!

The Kids’ Guide to Cooking Real Food with Your Family
by Jim Pipe

What would life be like without sleep? Why do people have nightmares? And do animals have sleep cycles? Learn the answers in this colorfully illustrated book for grade-school students.