Hau’oli Makahiki Hou!

Disco Ball Piñata

• 36-inch balloon, we found ours on amazon.com
• Newspaper
• 6 to 8 cups flour
• Water
• Scissors
• 1 roll of Holographic Bird Tape, also available on amazon.com
• Tape
• String
• Silver ribbon

1. Mix 2 cups of water and 2 cups of flour to make paper-mache paste. It should be a thick, gluelike substance; add more water if it is too thick.
2. Inflate the balloon and set it on an open box to keep it from rolling around.
3. Tear newspaper into long strips a few inches wide. Dip a strip into the paste and squeeze out the excess. Place the strip on the balloon and repeat until the entire balloon is covered.
4. Let dry completely. This may take several hours to a day.
5. Repeat two or three more times, mixing new paper mache each time. You know you are finished when the newspaper doesn’t dent when you push it.
6. Once the last layer is dry, deflate the balloon.
7. Cut a hole big enough for your hand in the bottom or side of the ball. Stuff with candy and prizes, then seal up the door with tape.
8 Poke a hole in the top. Insert the string and reach into the ball to pull it through. Tie the end to an anchor, we pried open a few large paper clips.
9. Cut long strips of the holographic ribbon and cut the bottom into fringe. Starting at the bottom of the ball, tape on a row.
10. Continue taping the fringe all the way to the top of the ball, spacing each row about a half-inch apart.