Heading out to the Dog Park? Please “PAWS” a minute & read!!

Aloha Pet Parents! Here’s some helpful information to make sure your trip to the dog park with your Keiki is safe and “all about” Rover! Please Kokua, read the park rules before you enter the gate!
MOST IMPORTANTLY…If your child is afraid of dogs this is not a place to take them to get over their fears. Take extreme caution regarding children under five, they may draw more dog attention due to diaper, potty training or just being low to the ground. Strollers are a “NO, NO” due to the dogs curious nature. They might jump up to see what it is, as well as being drawn to all the wonderful smells strollers have.
Teach your keiki that they need to stay with you and their job is to help you watch the dog play. Explain that they should not run around, throw things, yell or approach dogs they do not know. If a dog comes up to them and wants to smell them, that it is ok and that is how dogs greet everyone. If a dog is running towards them, stay still, if you run away the dog will think you are playing and it may cause several dogs to follow.

Let your keiki know that if they feel uncomfortable or scared about anything they should tell you right away. Stay focused, over time you will develop relationships with other pet parents. Talking story is another distraction besides watching the dog, your keiki, the phone and so forth. I spoke to several parents who prefer just taking the dog, no keiki’s. They feel more relaxed and get to enjoy the one to one time with Rover. After all, for many, Rover was their first keiki. Rover says” thanks for having a play date just for me!!” Quality time is priceless …right down to the minutes you have with the furry ones.
Donna & David Pickard *“Don’t shop, please adopt”

Bring Fido – Off-Leash Dog Parks
This is a playground especially for your dog. While it is not recommended, children are welcome – however, child’s play is not.
Freddie’s Dog Park
Kaua`i Humane Society
3-825 Kaumuali`i Highway, Lihue
(808) 632-0610

North Shore Dog Park
Wai Koa Plantation in Kilauea
Kaua`i North Shore Comm. Foundation (808) 240-2670 Email: info@knscf.org
Cost: $50 annual membership to

Wailua Homestead Dog Park