Healthcare Warriors

I recently read an article about a wife whose husband resided in a skilled nursing facility. Due to the COVID-19 government precautionary guidelines, she was not allowed to have daily in-person visits with him as she had previously done. Whether it’s a spouse, parent, sibling, best friend or even a wartime buddy, these scenarios are a reality for way too many people. I have witnessed first-hand and had difficult conversations with individuals who are experiencing the harsh reality of this pandemic. How do you effectively explain to someone whose physical and mental declines make it very difficult to understand why someone who they have spent decades with, is no longer around? How do you adequately address the loneliness and emotional turmoil of all those affected?

While the wife of the mentioned article got a job as a dishwasher in that facility and was able to resume visits with her husband, this is not the case with just about everyone else. We know that people residing in the nursing home community are the most vulnerable.
As such, our nursing home communities at Hale Kupuna Heritage Home and Garden Isle Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center are strictly following the guidance and directives from the CDC, CMS, DOH, and our local government officials. 

We are so fortunate to have incredibly caring team members that are not deterred by the many required safety practices. The bonds that have strengthened, the conversations, laughter, singing, dancing, and occasional tears that happen daily bring the aloha spirit to life in world of our kupuna. Additionally, our team members have made a
way to keep our kupuna connected to their families and friends via video conferencing, phone calls, and even traditional
letter writing. 

Our team courageously comes to work every day to provide the highest quality of care for the most vulnerable population. Beyond being healthcare professionals, they are the warriors that fight to keep our kupuna safe and protected. 

Many may not witness what they do and what it takes to care for our kupuna, both the sacrifices and inconveniences that they willingly make every day on and off the job. For this, we are truly grateful for who they are and all that they do.

Join me in thanking these brave and courageous individuals for serving our community by caring for our kupuna.