How to Build a Sandcastle

Building a sandcastle is buckets of fun. All you need is sand, water, a shovel and different size buckets. Remember to work fast so the sand stays wet.
The best recipe for a sand castle is to mix one-part water with one-part sand.

Here’s how to get started:

1 Find a flat spot on the beach, and use a stick or small shovel to draw an outline of your site. Make sure you don’t build your castle too close to the shore, or the waves will sweep your castle out to sea.

2 Bring a large bucket of water from the ocean, or dig a hole in the sand until you reach the water table.

3 Begin by scooping mounds of wet sand into the center of your site.

4 Start by building the base. Pack sand down in a circular or square shape. This will be the site you build your sand castle.

5 An easy way to create a castle is by filling buckets with wet sand. Pack the sand with your hands and flip over the bucket. Lift the pale, and viola! You’re well on your way.

6 When you are finished building the structure of your sand castle, add some finishing touches. Carve out windows, stack towers and add seashells, driftwood and any other treasures around.