Make a Mouthguard
Part of Your Sports Uniform

As summer smiles change into back to school smiles, many Kauai keiki get big into sports. Football, soccer, volleyball, Jiu Jitsu- all super fun and rewarding, but imagine injuring or losing a front tooth, especially a permanent one? It happens more than you think and can have lifetime consequences. Mouthguards help cushion a blow to the face, minimizing the risk of broken teeth and injuries to the jaw. Many organized sports require them, but they’re also a good idea for many recreational sports where contact, or a collision, is possible. Top front teeth often stick out a bit more, especially with kids as their face and jaw are growing, so these are particularly at risk for injury. Mouthguards can help cover and protect them.

Where to find mouthguards? There are many types and all will function well as long as they fit properly. Your dentist can make your athlete a custom mouthguard, which are usually the best fitting and most comfortable. Less expensive “boil and bite” types can be found in stores or online. Cool colors (camo? hot pink!) get kids pumped to wear them, make them harder to lose, and easier to see that they’re being worn.

So, keiki (and grown up keiki),grab your helmet, knee pads, gi, and don’t forget your mouthguard to ensure a fun and safe back to school sports season!