St Patrick’s Day Art Contest

Attention Young Artists! ST. PATRICK’S DAY ART CONTEST


“Green” is a buzzword for “environmentally friendly.” In celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, let’s draw something green. How about a honu or green sea turtle? OK, I know most honu are brown, but their insides are green from all the algae they eat. That’s how they got their name “green turtle”. They are fun to draw, so here is our three-step drawing process.

Draw the Honu (the Hawaiian word for turtle)

STEP 1- FORMING Form up the Honu by pressing gently with the pencil. Make the shape of the shell like a teardrop. Draw a circle where the head will be. Then form up the front flippers using circles at the base, and long ovals at the ends. Make ’um big! Use bigger circles for the rear flippers. The tail should be long if it is male and short if it is female.

STEP 2- OUTLINING Now, pressing harder with the pencil, outline the honu’s shell. Detail the head, flippers, and tail. Then draw the lines of the shell sections and scales. Draw a line for the water above the honu and a line for the sand below it. Put a sun in the sky.

STEP 3- SHADING AND COLORING Shade the lower part of the Honu’s shell as well as the parts of the head and flippers that would be in the shadow of the shell. You may also shade a cast shadow on the sand and draw other things around the honu.

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One of you will win the book Honu and Hina
by Patrick Ching and Friends!