8 Ways to Connect with Grandparents During a Pandemic

When physical and social distancing is necessary for everyone’s health, maintaining connection can be a challenge even for grandparents who live just down the street. 

If you’re looking for new and inventive ways to maintain close relationships between generations, try these ideas.

Social Distancing Dinner

Have dinner together outside when schedules permit, spacing chairs more than six feet apart and enjoying time together. This is an easy way to stay connected with grandparents who live close by. Consider a regular weekly dinner date. 

Read A Book Together

Set a time each day to call and read another chapter of a book together.

This not only keeps the child connected with the grandparent, but also offers the benefits of reading aloud, such as building the vocabulary and creating a positive attitude towards reading.

Play Online Games

Just because you can’t get together in person doesn’t mean that game night is out of the question. Try online games such as Scrabble Go or Spyfall, or apps such as Together or Houseparty. Just as playing traditional board games offers educational benefits, online games can help develop skills such as vocabulary
and math.

Text And Email

Have kids text and email grandparents. It’s a great way to practice writing while putting a smile on their faces.

Utilize the Post Office

Receiving personal correspondence in the mail always brightens someone’s day. Sending mail is easier than ever- Touchnote is an app that allows families to create and send photo cards from a phone. As an added bonus, kids can learn the conventions of letter writing.

Video Chat

If you’re not already, consider using Zoom and FaceTime to keep grandparents and kids connected. Establish a weekly Zoom call with parents, aunties, uncles and children all participating on the same call.

Take An Online Class Together

Find a local online class that interests both kids and adults, such as yoga or dance, and register to take it together. Or check www.outschool.com for a variety of classes that appeal to different age groups, such as a themed cooking class. 

Create Online Artwork Together

Zoom has a screen-sharing option that lets kids and grandparents create artwork together. What a fun way to connect.