Kid Friendly Green Spinach Smoothie

Green smoothies are full of vitamins and nutrients and they taste wonderful (nothing like veggies). They are also really easy to personalize to your family’s tastes, great for those picky kids!
Let your little man drink the “Incredible Hulk drink”, maybe they can pretend they are going to be pop-eye with balloons in their shirts (for muscles). I don’t know if it is the yogurt, which my son loves, the color green, which is his favorite, or the fact that we pretend all things “green” while drinking these, but he loves them!


    2 cups baby spinach (or about two big handfuls)
    1/4–1/2 cup water or orange juice
    1/2 cup frozen strawberries
    1/2 cup frozen mangoes


    First blend the spinach and the liquid until it is frothy (and bright green!) Then add the fruit and blend until smooth.
    Other options for greens: Kale, chard, romaine
    Other options for fruits: Papaya, banana, pineapple
    The possibilities really are endless, and you can have a lot of fun experimenting with different combinations