Summer Dental Health Tips

Ask kids what their favorite time of year is and the answer is almost always summer. What could be better than summer on Kauai? Follow these tips to help your keiki malama their mouth all summer long.

  • Sun’s out, surfs up! C’mon, and get outside. Give the electronic devices a rest. Sitting around being ‘bored’ and snacking can cause weight gain and tooth decay.
  • On the go? Great! Pack portioned containers of healthy options like pre-cut fruits and veggies for fast and healthy snacking.
  • It’s hot out there, so trade in the expensive sugary sports drinks for water. “Infuse” it with strawberry or any fruit you’d like for healthy and ono hydration (just go easy on high acid fruits like lemons and limes).
  • When applying SPF, don’t forget the lips. They burn easily and prolonged exposure may lead to forms of oral cancer later in life.
  • Use mouthguards on the ballfield to lessen the risk of injury by providing stability to the teeth and jaw if a blow to the area occurs
  • Make your back-to-school dental visit early. Some grades require it and these checkups can be a great way to be sure your child’s teeth stay healthy. Avoid the August rush. Make your child’s back-to-school appointment early in the summer.
  • Kalaheo Dental Group wishes all Kauai keiki a happy, healthy summer!