Questions About Buying A Home During This Pandemic

Everyone is being affected in some manner by the outbreak of Covid-19. During these times, you may have questions about the home buying process and your ability to buy a home. While we can’t predict what the next few weeks and months will bring, we can still navigate through the buying process. 

Here are a few common buyer questions: 

Can we still view homes in person? – It will depend on the home, the seller, the agent and any fast-changing governmental policies put in place. Many homes are now available to see virtually through Facetime, Zoom or 3D virtual walkthroughs. Before viewing, make sure you are pre-qualified.

How can I stay safe while visiting homes? – Everyone’s health has to be the priority. Wear your mask and sanitize your hands. Drive separately from your agent and keep your children at home
if possible. 

What happens if I lose my job during the process? – Under the financing contingency on the purchase contract, if the Buyer cannot satisfy the lenders conditions, they may have to cancel their contract. During these times of uncertainty, a conversation with your lender is the best thing to do if your employment maybe in question. 

Will I get a better deal if I wait to buy? – We can’t predict the market, but even with everything that’s going on, we have seen that our local markets have remained strong. With limited inventory, median prices have gone up in some areas, however interest rates have been low making it a win-win situation for Sellers and Buyers. 

While Covid-19 has been causing some uncertainty among home buyers and sellers, with the use of technology and following best practices, you can still realize the dream of homeownership!