Scavenger Hunts Beat Boredom

Do your kids complain there’s nothing to do?
Send them on a scavenger hunt! Whether you have one child or a large group, it’s an easy way to add fun to an ordinary day and beat the boredom blues. And you can turn almost anything into a scavenger hunt!

DIY Hunts
Use scavenger hunts as teaching tools. Have kids hunt for 10 objects beginning with a designated letter of the alphabet or that are a certain shape. Help kids get to know the library by finding books by authors names whose names begin with the same letter as their own. Search for all colors of the rainbow while walking through your neighborhood and have kids take photos of each color as they find.

Local, Organized
Scavenger Hunts.

Kauai Coffee offers a fun scavenger hunt.
The hunt leads you to lots of amazing places to take interesting pictures around the island. The cost is FREE. The first five teams completing the race will be treated to lunch at the Kauai Coffee Estate. Instructions will be posted every Wednesday morning at 9:00 a.m. on the website. Registration required on website.

Use the five senses when taking a sensory walk.
For a touch walk, look for objects that are soft, rough, smooth, sticky, wet or fuzzy. Take a listening walk- listen for birds singing, roosters crowing, kids laughing, a horn blowing, etc.

Going to the park? Have kids count all the butterflies or bugs they find.

Even errands become an adventure with the twist of a scavenger hunt. The SnapQuest app (free on App store) is similar to Alien Assignment, but allows participants to specify a grocery store, mall, etc. as their scavenger hunt location.

Geocaching is a fun scavenger hunt for real treasure. Using GPS, track down boxes hidden in local spots- maybe in a park or along a trail. Log your findings, collect treasure, and leave behind trasure for the next hunters. Use the highly rated Cachly app to find a lot of geocaches near you.

Hunt for decorative rocks
hidden by neighbors.

Visit the Kauai Rocks Facebook page to learn more.
The app Alien Assignment (free on App store) is an easy problem- solving game that gets kids off the couch. “Aliens” ask participants to search for objects that are flat, heavy, clear, etc. Kids photograph items they find, then ask an adult to check their answers. Great fun for preschoolers.